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This is Janine. She is one of our Building Ambassadors (BAs).


Janine's journey with VIDA began when she became a resident. After some time, she not only stepped up and became a BA, but also joined VIDA's head office team.

Her story is a great example of why Opportunities is one of our 4 Pillars.


Building Ambassadors (BAs) are key to creating a VIDA community where people are proud to live and are able to get ahead in life!

BAs are the key point of contact at the building level for all residents.


VIDA is always looking for residents that are interested in becoming a BA. This is a great opportunity for anyone to not only meet other like-minded people (BAs from other buildings) but also to:

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1. Learn New Skills

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2. Improve Your Community

3. Get Rent Credits

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1. Who is my BA?

You likely met your Building Ambassador during your viewing and move-in process. You can also find information about your Building Ambassador on the bulletin board in your building.

2. How to apply to become a BA?


Any resident can apply to become a BA. Please let us know about your interest by emailing


3. Are there any tips on how best to communicate with a BA?


- Remember your BA has a job and a family: take the time to ask your BA when the best time to contact them might be.

- Treat your BA and their time with respect.

- Offer your support to organize and. participate in community events.


- Don't always expect an immediate response, especially at night or on weekends. As we mentioned, your BA has a job and other responsibilities. We have a 48 hour turnaround time policy at VIDA. 

- Don't attempt to fix major issues yourself. Some problems require a professional (like major plumbing and electrical).

BA Journey Interviews

 How to apply to become a BA?

Any resident can apply to become a BA. 

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