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Winnipeg Art Gallery - Free Tickets (upon request)

Winnipeg Art Gallery - Free Tickets (upon request)

All VIDA residents can receive free tickets from their BAs to visit Winnipeg Art Gallery. 

WAG-Qaumajuq has grown into one of the country’s leading visual art museums with an international reputation! Founded in 1912, the WAG is one of Canada’s first civic art galleries, housed in an iconic modernist building in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Opened in 2021, Qaumajuq (the Inuit art centre) is a contemporary architectural landmark that connects to the WAG building on all four levels.

WAG-Qaumajuq features an impressive collection of over 27,000 artworks spanning centuries, cultures, and media, including the largest public collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world. We are at the forefront of promoting Manitoba and Canadian artists nationwide and abroad. Our exhibitions are supported by a diverse mix of programs, events, and partnerships.Learning is at the heart of WAG-Qaumajuq with one of the oldest gallery-run art-making programs in the country. WAG Studio offers courses for children, teens, and youth. While you’re here, find something inspired at ShopWAG. And consider hosting your next event in one of our unique rental spaces.


To learn more about the museum: 

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